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There are so many different ways that I help couple to get their wedding happening, in fact – the role of wedding planner can vary so much it’s a little hard to explain (concisely) exactly what it is that I do… it’s no wonder people get a little overwhelmed when trying to decide if a planner is worth their investment.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, and nor is all of this included for every couple (bespoke services are my jam!) however I do hope it helps you to understand exactly why a wedding planner may just be exactly what you need.

Vendor Research.

So. Much. Research. I’m constantly researching to find you the best possible wedding vendors for your unique needs.

My findings will then be presented to you in an easy to digest way, putting all of the choice in your hands while ensuring you have all of the guidance and help you need.

These proposals can differ in size, but typically I aim to help you pick suppliers for each of your needs, one service at a time. By offering you between 1 and 3 choices that suit your vision, your values and your budget, the wedding overwhelm is significantly reduced – helping you to enjoy the process, make your own choices and keep your sanity. All without compromising on values, information or quality.

Once you’ve had a chance to read it all over, get your head around things and do any of your own research (if you wish) I’m right here ready and waiting to talk over the pros and cons of your options and discuss why you do or don’t love the choices I’ve put forward.

If it’s a big excited ‘yes’, I’ll proceed to getting your dream supplier booked in. If it’s a ‘still not sure’, or a ‘nope, not for us’, that’s totally fine too! You don’t even need a reason – if you’re not 100% happy, then they’re not the supplier for you and I’ll happily head back to the drawing board and come back to you with a new and improved proposal.

profile image of Jodie Munro, owner of Emerald and Ebony and Eco-friendly Wedding Planner in Aotearoa, New Zealand
Jodie Munro, Eco-Wedding Planner


First up, it’s important that we find that magic number – the figure that works not only with your incomes (without compromising your other life expenses and financial goals) but also with your vision – allowing for a wedding that you’re really, truly happy with and genuinely excited for. Because when you know why your budget is what it is, and when you feel it’s a true reflection of what’s required, you’re so much more likely to stick to it.

Once we’ve got that number I can help you to break it down even further into useful chunks that will guide how you spend your money throughout the whole wedding planning process. I budget in a way that’s flexible and reasonable, and we’ll make purchases in the way that makes the most sense for your unique situation. I truly believe that adaptability is key to an achievable budget!

If you’re tight on funds we’ll start with the big ticket items and suppliers, working our way down and freeing up available spare change as we go – that way we know exactly how much we have for the little details.

If you’re tight on time, we’ll start with the things that matter to you the most. The suppliers and items that you just can’t live without ensuring we lock them in as soon as possible and you don’t miss out on the perfect person or item for you and your wedding.

As we progress I’ll be continually updating your budget to reflect any changes and I’ll be right here with you to remind you of upcoming payments and guide you when making purchases (particularly those ones that look to test the boundaries).


From colour palettes to styles, the vibe you want your guests to feel and the overall ‘theme’ of your wedding, I’ll work with you to create a cohesive look and feel that tells your story and gives your guests that wow factor feeling (without the Pinterest fails).

As we move through the process of planning your wedding, I’ll have that style of yours at the forefront of my mind. Using it to guide my research and only putting forward proposals that vision perfectly.

I’ll even 3D model your venue space digitally so you can picture exactly how it will look when it all comes together on the day.

I know the word ‘theme’ can be a little scary for some – so let’s clear that up a little, I’m not necessarily talking full on, dress up, straight out of a comic convention kind of theme (though let’s be real, I’m totally here for that too). A theme can be anything from choosing a set of colours you like together, to creating a motif or logo that represents you, or even just saying – hey, we’d really love the outdoors to do the talking, let’s promote nature and greenery and life throughout our style.

It’s the feeling you’d like your guests to experience, warm and cosy, or loud and full of life, and it’s what makes your wedding cohesive, professional and memorable to others. There’s just something about a well considered theme that really brings every thing together and steps it up a level of awesome.

A wedding crew work together to pull down the wedding arch after the ceremony.
Photo Credit: Rainer Macalister Photography


Wedding planning involves a whole lot of back and forth, by taking the lead on communication I’ll be able to keep everyone updated with the info they need and you’ll only have to answer questions once… Plus, this keeps your inbox free from clutter and your time free for the fun stuff.

On the day/s I’ll also be there to set things up, pack things down and make sure it all runs smoothly. This can be a massively daunting task if you’re looking to take care of it all yourself – plus you want to actually enjoy yourself and have time to get ready for your wedding too! Having me there to take care of everything can free your mind of organisation and allow you to spend quality time with those around you, knowing everything is under control and all will turn out exactly as it should.

And I won’t be disappearing straight after your wedding either! I’ll hang around as long as is necessary (both in person and digitally) to help you with all those post wedding details and to tidy up all the loose ends. You deserve all the honeymoon vibe, ‘just married’ bliss you can handle!

Anything Else?

And while these are the main tasks I tend to illustrate there’s certainly a whole lot more to wedding planning that goes on behind the scenes too. The best part about building bespoke contracts is that we really can get into as much or as little detail as we need to.

What you need and want help with will be totally different to the next couple, and I’m absolutely here for making sure you get every little thing you need, without paying for all of the little extras that you don’t!

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