Planning the ultimate eco-friendly celebration

Is there really such a thing?

I was led to write this post in answer to the question on everyone’s lips, “Can I still hire you to plan my wedding if I’m not really all that eco-friendly?” And the answer is quite simple really – of course you can! But let me explain why, and in fact, let me explain how hiring me is even more perfect if being eco-friendly in every day life isn’t something that comes particularly naturally to you.

Before I get started, let’s get the cliché statement out of the way.

Being eco-friendly is a journey, not a destination.

There. I said it. Being eco-friendly is a journey, not a destination. It’s not about being perfect, or about doing everything you possibly can, right now. It’s about doing what works for you. It’s about taking your time and allowing yourself space. It’s about growing and developing and most importantly, learning. Because as with anything – if you dive head first into the deep end, you’ll either sink or swim. And sinking isn’t going to help anyone.

A cane basket sits on the ground full of sustainably dried rose petals and hole punched leaves ready to be thrown as wedding confetti.
Photo Credit: Abi Hackling Photography

If you tackle your eco-friendly journey (ugh, sorry! it really does sound very cliché doesn’t it?!) one step at at time and have patience with yourself along the way, then you’re much more likely to stick with it, to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, and to keep adding little bite sized chunks as you gain confidence. And just to top it off and make you all cringe that little bit more, please go easy on yourself and remember – nobody is perfect (sorry if you’re now stuck singing Miley Cyrus songs for the rest of the day… or was that one Hannah Montana?).

Seriously though, we all have different priorities, it’s what makes us unique and different and interesting. It’s what makes us human. Personally, my biggest pet peeve is unnecessary waste – I blame it on my previous work in the building industry. As a result I’ve now been plastic free (almost…) for over a year and my husband and I share one single 8 litre bin for all of our other waste, emptying it only once every few weeks. Your priority (or pet peeve) might be totally different, maybe you’re all about buying local products, or making ethical purchases, maybe it’s something else entirely.

A hand grasps a bunch of handmade leaf confetti - brightly coloured and full of rose petals, leaves and herbs.
Photo Credit: Abi Hackling Photography

My point is – your idea of eco-friendly and my idea of eco-friendly won’t necessarily be the same thing. And that’s a good thing! We’ll both be in totally different places on totally different paths to ‘eco-friendly’ – there’s absolutely no way of comparing and saying “but you’re so much more eco-friendly than I am”. The combination of your eco-friendliness and my eco-friendliness is exactly what will create your ultimate eco-wedding. What matters isn’t how eco-friendly you are now, but rather, how interested in becoming more eco-friendly you are. And if you’re interested in learning more, taking that next step along your personal path to ‘eco-friendly’ and having an eco-wedding celebration along the way, then what are you waiting for? Send me a message and let’s get started!!

If you hire me as your wedding planner I’ll be taking your priorities and turning them into the ultimate eco-wedding for you. I’ll be there every step of the way to take your ideas and run with them, all the while throwing my ideas into the mix as well. We’ll brainstorm together and come up with all sorts of eco-stuff that neither of us would have thought of alone – and at the end of the day, you’ll make the call as to what gets included. I’m not here to shove my ideals down your throat, just like I’m not here to make judgement on how you live your everyday life. I’m here to help you, to guide you and to bring some combination of your ideas and my ideas to life in your wedding day. It really is all about you.

As for whether there really is such a thing as the “Ultimate Eco-Wedding”, I think I’ll leave you to decide that one.

What’s your eco-priority?? Let me know in the comments!

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