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Why are weddings so expensive?

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive.

And (hopefully), it’s also no secret that weddings are a whole lotta work. Like, more than your typical event kinda work. They’re different. They’re higher pressure, there’s more on the line and as a vendor there’s a completely different kind of commitment, involvement and support that’s involved with servicing a wedding.

So, wedding tax. Yeah, probably – if you want to look at it that simply, us suppliers will charge more for a wedding than we would for another kind of event. But is it really so unreasonable? Let’s break it down…


How to make eco-friendly wedding decisions

I get it, the concept of being eco-friendly and making well-rounded, holistic eco-friendly decisions can be more than a little daunting. Being eco-friendly means so many different things to so many different people and attempting to encapsulate all that “eco-friendly” is, is no easy feat.

But the key to remember is consideration.


So, what actually is an eco-wedding?

Because planning a wedding is hard enough, throw that ‘eco-wedding’ word in there and you just got yourself a whole bunch more wedding overwhelm.

But I’ve got you.
Because I’ve done this before.

+ A handcrafted driftwood arch stands front and centre, a bench seat stands where the newly weds soon will. Rows of empty white seats wait patiently, overlooking the reflective lake.

Enquiring, Booking and Planning Your Eco-Wedding with Emerald and Ebony

Enquiring, booking and planning your dream eco-wedding with me really is easy – I promise! Here’s how it all works.

+ A wedding crew work together to pull down the wedding arch after the ceremony.

Wedding Planning Services

There are so many different ways that I help couple to get their wedding happening, in fact – the role of wedding planner can vary so much it’s a little hard to explain (concisely) exactly what it is that I do… it’s no wonder people get a little overwhelmed when trying to decide if a planner is worth their investment.

+ A brides arm rests on her grooms, her lace sleeves showing detail against his burgundy suit, her emerald ring shining in the evening light

5 Little Extras to Personalise Your Wedding Day

Wondering how to incorporate a few more special moments to really nail those details of your wedding and ensure the good memories hold strong for years to come? Here are five ideas that cost you nothing and can really, truly add that little something special to your wedding day.

+ Two men sit all suited up and cuddling on the grass as they lean on a vineyard fence post, wine glasses in each hand, smiles from ear to ear and eyes that scream "just married".

But seriously though… why ARE weddings so darned expensive??

It’s no secret weddings can be expensive…

And we’ve all heard the little myth about “wedding tax” and how wedding vendors just charge you more because they can… Goodness knows it can feel that way at times… And most likely, even if you don’t believe it, you’ve probably entertained the idea at least briefly.

So here I am, small business owner and wedding planner, letting you know that that’s absolutely not the case (promise!).

Designing an Eco-Friendly Wedding

The concept of being eco-friendly can be a little daunting. It means so many different things to so many different people and attempting to encapsulate all that “eco-friendly” is, is no easy feat. Throw in that wedding word and you’ve got a recipe for a whole lot of overwhelm, anxiety and the dreaded eco-guilt. Let’s be honest, wedding’s can be a lot to comprehend without adding your concern for the environment into the mix as well.

+ A person stands barefoot on two layered rugs. Their patterns very bright colourful and fun.

12 Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Without the Use of Plastic

Sorry balloons but you’ve really got to go.

+ A light wood wedding arch draped with soft white fabric and a colourful bouquet in the upper left corner

5 Reasons Your Wedding Florals Might Not be as Eco-Friendly as You Think

We use them to make everything feel natural, to signify the outdoors and to bring a little of the outside, in – but how eco-friendly are your wedding florals really? Have you put any thought into where they came from, how you’ll be using them, or what will happen to them when your wedding is over? Considering the whole lifecycle really is the key!

+ A moody table setting of dark patterned plates and bowls sitting atop a circular cane placemat and a wooden table.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Caterers

As if all that food on offer and the huge amount of variety, themes, styles, different serving methods, cutlery options, crockery options… (the list goes on)… weren’t enough, now I’m hear telling you you should be considering how eco-friendly that catering is too?? I get it, it’s already complicated, but choosing a vendor that aligns with your values shouldn’t be difficult – here’s what you need to consider.

+ A stack of tired looking vintage books stand on a white backdrop. A white flower draped across them.

3 Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Common Wedding Features

What are some of the common features in weddings that maybe aren’t so sustainable, and what can they be replaced with to ensure a similar (or better) experience, without harming the environment?