Creating that unique, stand out wedding that EVERYONE will remember

And what does ‘unique’ really mean anyway?

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“Unique” is a word that gets thrown around an awful lot in the wedding industry. Everyone wants their wedding to be unique. To stand out. To be unlike all of the others. It’s a pretty big ask in an industry so strongly influenced by current trends, styles and fashion. And with thousands of people all finding their influence in similar places, how can you possibly hope to stand out? The answer is simple really, and I know it sounds awfully cliché, but the trick is to be yourselves.

One of my favourite ways to make a wedding unique is to break the rules. Because there’s nothing more unique, rewarding and true to self than admitting that old traditions just aren’t your style. I’m a strong believer that you should do your wedding the way you want to; get ready together, walk yourself down the aisle, wear pants instead of a dress, do whatever makes you feel like you.

When you start to look into it, most of those old traditions don’t make sense anymore anyway so why waste time and money incorporating them in your day, only to have it end up exactly the same as everyone else’s? Of course, some traditions are absolutely true to you – and that’s all part of it! Breaking traditions can also be about embracing traditions (wow, okay, that one really didn’t make any sense did it?) – what I mean here is that by breaking some and embracing others you get to pick and choose which ones mean something to you, and which ones don’t. That my friends, is where the magic happens.

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But making a wedding unique and true to self can extend far further than just breaking a few traditions. Think about the stuff you love, the things you do together and whatever it is that makes you a couple. Why are you so good together? (Go on… I dare you! – write down the answer and keep it somewhere safe – even better – add it to the comments below!) Now… celebrate those things! If you’re an adventurous couple that love to get out and about in nature then why not show it off?Wear your tramping boots, give scroggin as wedding favours and have NZ nature themed stationery. Sound a bit extreme? What about hosting your wedding outdoors in an open-sided marquee, tonnes of greenery as décor and beautiful scenery around for your guests to take in and enjoy. Use an oddly shaped tree as a natural arch for your ceremony and have guests come for a picnic lunch instead of a formal dinner. The options are quite honestly, endless.

And what about the stuff you love? Your prized possessions… that rug on your bedroom floor that you absolutely adore could become the place you stand as you say “We do”. That painting on your wall that you gifted each other on your very first Christmas together could hang behind you during your reception. Maybe you have a pet that you’d love to include, or even a bunch of plant babies (it’s only right that they get to join in the fun too!). Use this stuff! Not only will it look frickin’ awesome, it’ll be unique, wow your guests AND it’ll help you to relax and enjoy the day – there’s just something about having your home stuff around that calms the nerves and make you feel, well, “at home”.

If you aim to make your wedding about you above all else it can’t possibly end up comparable to some wedding your Great Aunt attended last year. Because you are unique, both individually and as a couple, and given half a chance your uniqueness and individual style is bound to show through. And oh, how beautiful that will be!

What about you would you want to highlight and show off at your wedding? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your ideas!

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