Curious about how it all works? Look no further!

Enquiring, booking and planning your dream eco-wedding with me really is easy – I promise! Here’s how it all works.

A handcrafted driftwood arch stands front and centre, a bench seat stands where the newly weds soon will. Rows of empty white seats wait patiently, overlooking the reflective lake.
Image Credit: Abi Hackling Photography


Slide into my DMs, flick me an email, or give me a call! I’m here to chat and talk through all of your questions before we even getting into the pricing and finer details. When you reach out I’ll provide you with a bit of a run down, and depending on what suits you, we’ll book in a time to chat via phone, in person (coffee date anyone??) or via video call.

There’s no rush, no stress, and the enquiry process is totally obligation and cost free – we need to know if we’ll get on, neither of us will enjoy the next however many months of planning if we just simply aren’t a good fit!


Booking in is pretty easy too, once you’re ready, I’ll provide a few pricing options that I think suit you and your unique situation and if you’re happy all you have to do is tick the right option in the digital quote, you’ll be taken straight to a contract page where you can digitally sign to say you’re ready to go, and then you’ll be prompted to get that deposit paid asap.

Oh how automation and the internet age make things simple!

Of course, if there’s anything that you’re not quite sold on yet, or you’d like to make some amendments to the quote, contract or payment schedule you can reach out to me however suits you and we’ll get those changes happening. We can also make amendments later on if anything comes up mid way through the planning.


Starting with clearing up your vision, budget and our bespoke plan of attack this is where things start to get messy (in the best possible way!) – your wedding will be different to any wedding I’ve ever run before (that’s my favourite part) and so we’ll work together to create a plan that works perfectly and gets that wedding happening exactly as you’ve always dreamed.

You Ready?

Go on – reach out and get the process started! I honestly can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s plan that eco-wedding!

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