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Why are weddings so expensive?

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive.

And (hopefully), it’s also no secret that weddings are a whole lotta work. Like, more than your typical event kinda work. They’re different. They’re higher pressure, there’s more on the line and as a vendor there’s a completely different kind of commitment, involvement and support that’s involved with servicing a wedding.

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How to make eco-friendly wedding decisions

I get it, the concept of being eco-friendly and making well-rounded, holistic eco-friendly decisions can be more than a little daunting. Being eco-friendly means so many different things to so many different people and attempting to encapsulate all that “eco-friendly” is, is no easy feat.

But the key to remember is consideration.

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Wedding Planning Services

There are so many different ways that I help couple to get their wedding happening, in fact – the role of wedding planner can vary so much it’s a little hard to explain (concisely) exactly what it is that I do… it’s no wonder people get a little overwhelmed when trying to decide if a planner is worth their investment.…

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Jodie has been incredible to work with, with her high level of commitment, understanding, and professionalism. Every step of the planning journey, she has gone out of her way to cater to our wedding needs.
No question is too silly, no request for additional information seems a burden, and in every instance, we have been more than satisfied with the options she has presented us.