Because often the most treasured memories of your wedding are all in the details…

Wondering how to incorporate a few more special moments to really nail those details of your wedding and ensure the good memories hold strong for years to come? Here are five ideas that cost you nothing and can really, truly add that little something special to your wedding day.


Letter Writing. A free alternative to gift giving, letter writing is a great way to connect and feel close to your partner even if you’re opting not to see each other before your ceremony. Putting pen to paper on the morning of your wedding is also a great way to grab hold of that raw wedding morning emotion and preserve it for years to come. If you’re looking to seal a time capsule of sorts as a part of your wedding ceremony, these letters can also become an incredibly meaningful part of that package.

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Time Together. Like really together. Just you and your significant other. A moment to reveal in that just married feeling and really share the moment with the person it’s all about. Schedule in some time for this – don’t just assume it’ll happen naturally! As they say, the day really does whizz by so quickly. Toast to your marriage, chat about the ceremony, dance! – whatever it is that makes you feel most together. Juuuust, maybe don’t schedule it in for right before a big moment (like your first dance)… I speak from experience when I say the nerves may just be a little too high to really embrace the moment…


Portrait Photos. That is to say, without the wedding crew. Leave your wedding party and guests for a little while and get some portrait photos just the two of you. A small 10min time slot is all you need to capture some truly special and really beautiful moments – without all those watching eyes. Golden hour can be a great option for this and if you let your photographer know it’s something you’re keen for, I’m sure they can advise on what might make the most magical and unique moment for you.

Photo Credit: Abi Hackling Photography


If you’re a sentimental person, incorporating pieces from family members weddings can be a beautiful way to create more meaning in the little details of your wedding day. Get creative and change up the purpose of the items if you need to – line your head table with your grandma’s old veil, or drape it across your arch. Tie an old heirloom earring into your bouquet or even add some photos of other family weddings into the d├ęcor.


Starting the day together (with your partner or with your wedding crew) is another awesome way to calm those nerve and channel your excitement. Get up early and make time for a relaxed start. Drink a glass of bubbly, play some music, or sit around a table together for breakfast. Allow yourself more time than you need and try to live in the moment a little – there’ll be plenty of time for sticking to schedules and worrying about time pressure later on!

There are so many fun and creative ways to really lock in those memories and create special moments that you treasure all the way through your wedding day. I particularly love the idea of using scented candles or herbs for marking special moments throughout your wedding. Smell is the sense most directly linked to memory, so whenever you light that same scent of candle or smell that same herb in the future, your brain will be more easily transported back to your wedding day and you’ll be able to relive that memory all over again.

What little extra touches will you be adding to your wedding day?

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