Sorry balloons but you’ve really got to go.


Pastel coloured triangular bunting hangs from strings of festoon lights
Photo credit: Photos by Lanty (via Unsplash)

Bunting! It’s like crazy good streamers that last you a lifetime and you can make them out of practically anything you have lying around. But if making your own to re-use at events over and over isn’t your style, or you’re after something a little more tailored there are also tonnes of places you can hire themed and beautiful bunting too.


A simple white stool sits infront of a lush looking green wall
Photo credit: Dylan Ferreira (via Unsplash)

Re-useable Backdrops. Real life green-wall perhaps? Chances are, you don’t yet have one of these lying around at home just waiting to be used – lucky for you, most event hire shops have a pretty sweet assortment of choices. Choose carefully though, in order to truly be eco-friendly, you’ll want to pick out a backdrop that’s made from good quality materials so it’s lasts well beyond the event you’re hiring it for.


An artistic shot of a fairy light string hanging in a window - the reflections dancing on the glass
Photo credit: Kevin Fitzgerald (via Unsplash)

Fairy lights. And I’ll go right ahead and throw festoon lighting in under this number too. Bonus points for using sustainable methods to power them!


A series of colourful festoon lights against a dark backdrop
Photo credit: Karan Nagpal (via Unsplash)

Coloured lighting. So many ways to use lighting as wedding decoration! Coloured lights can change the mood, hide features you don’t want people to notice and just generally change the feel of a space. Definitely an often overlooked method of styling.


one single downlight highlights a small section of a white brick wall
Photo credit: Greg Rosenke (via Unsplash)

Directional or moving lighting. You know the ones, up-lights, down-lights, stage lights… like disco balls but without the giant plastic orb. Like I said, lighting is such an under-utilised aspect of wedding styling and design and I highly recommend you dig deep into what you can achieve with it – you may be surprised just how much this can alter the way a room feels in terms of size, shape and mood.


Photo credit: Sina Saadatmand (via Unsplash)

Rugs. I feel like rugs have been gaining more and more traction but they still seem to be reserved for boho feel weddings – get creative with it, use that favourite rug you have lying around at home – not only is it cohesive to your eco-friendly wedding, it’s also saving you precious money you could be spending elsewhere.


A portrait of a man, framed in gold sits to the right hand side of a whitewashed wall
Photo credit: Alina Grubnyak (via Unsplash)

Artwork. I’m thinking along the same theme as the rugs here right? Sure, you could hire some… but you could also just pick those favourites up off your lounge wall and bring them along. Way to make it feel all cosy and homely!


Lemons lie across a bright orange couch, a baby pink cushion contrasting the bright colours.
Photo credit: Inside Weather (via Unsplash)

Furniture… are you seeing where I’m going with this??? Okay, so maybe your furniture at home is a bit rough around the edges. Wedding and event hire companies have totally got you covered! (and in so many different styles, colours and themes too!).


One single pot plant stands elegantly in a rust orange pot
Photo credit: Charlie Firth (via Unsplash)

Pot plants. Big ones, small ones, in-between sized ones. You betcha I want your plant babies there with you on your wedding day. What better way to scream eco-friendly and nature-inspired than to bring the outdoors indoors. And for those of you who aren’t quite so green-fingered by love this idea anyway, did you know you can hire plants for event styling? Give it a google – it really does exist!


A dusty pink themed floral arrangement drapes over a wooden hearth adding drama and elegance
Photo credit: Luisa Brimble (via Unsplash)

Floral arrangements and installments. I’ll be writing a more detailed post later on how to tell if your florals and greenery are actually eco-friendly (stay tuned!) but for now, know that this is absolutely an option and such a beautiful way to brighten any space, giving guests that immedaite “wow” moment as they step through the entrance.


Orange flowers and petals are scattered across a white table
Photo credit: Christina Deravedisian (via Unsplash)

Dried or fresh petals. Think sprawled out across surfaces – like table centres, down the aisle, used as confetti… Most commonly you’ll see rose petals used (and both dried and fresh can work really stunningly!) but there’s no reason you can’t use other flowers too. And if you don’t have your own garden to source these from try reaching out to a local florist or flower grower in your area, chances are they’ve got plenty you can use.


Photo credit: Abi Hackling Photography

Leaf confetti! Much like the flower petals leaf confetti can actually be a super fun way to decorate. Whether you use the leaves whole or take the time to punch cute hearts or other shapes out of them, leaves are a lot of fun to throw around – and assuming you’ve sourced them naturally, they’re totally biodegradable. Hint: add a few herbs like rosemary or thyme into the mix, they take away that earthy smell and replace it with something much more wonderful.

Which of these 12 will you be implementing? And what others can you think of? Let me know in the comments!

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